About me

I am Sagar Soni, 22 years old self-taught developer from 🇮🇳. I had a passion for technology from a young age. After entering college, I started working as a freelance developer.

These days I`m working on full-stack web technologies, browser extensions and desktop apps. Currently, I am working part-time for Requestly while attending college.

When not doing regular stuff, you`ll find me exploring Android, Ubuntu and Windows Insider SDKs.

My tech stack

FrontendReact, D3, DataTables, SASS
BackendPHP, NodeJS
DesktopElectron, VB
DatabaseMySQL, MongoDB, Firebase
TestingJest, Enzyme
SecurityHelmetJS, Sucuri
CMSWP, Joomla
ECommerceWooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify
IaaSAWS, GCP, DIgitalOcean
PaasGoogle Apps Script, VestaCP, ServerPilot, RunCloud
SaaSZoho CRM, Finacle CBS
MiscChrome Extensions, WP Themes & Plugins

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Open to new opportunities

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